Just try the best beginner guitar

It’s a natural behavior for a person that whenever he sees anything new, then he just s to have a trial of it. This same case happens whenever he sees a new musical instrument in front of him. And if it’s a brand new guitar, then he doesn’t need to think twice about it. He just takes it and starts to play the strings on it as soon as he sees. No matter either he knows the proper method of playing it or handle it. Having the natural tendency and curiosity, he just support his natural behavior and play the guitar.

Impression new thing

It is also natural that, whenever a person finds interest in anything new, sometimes he also wants to buy the same thing for himself too. But at first you have to know how much you are really skilled in this fact? Suppose, you got interested by anyone’s guitar at the first glance of it. But you are not skilled enough to play it. Then it really a matter to be thought that either you should purchase the same one for you or reject it? But it is also most mentioning things that, it anyone got fascinated with anything, it would be tough for him to forget it too soon. Continue reading


As the Beats Studio Wireless are mostly the no-wire ver of the Beats Studio headphones we have already known, this would be a pretty straightforward review. From where we saw it, either better or worse, the Bluetooth will sound different from wired headphones. But they are not totally different.

Plus $80 to the price of typical Studio headphones, Bluetooth makes the way you would you it a bit different. The variance in sonic performance is significant. However, it’s still the same old basic elements of Beats, which makes you feel like you’re reading a review of Beats by Dre studio.


From where we see it, the Studio Wireless is pretty amazing on first look. They are lighter, more streamlined than the wired version. The design is all about curves, giving an elegant and flexible feel.

The Studio Wireless have red and grey, glossy black, and a special matte black versions. The name of Dr. Dre has been hidden, make room for the Beats moniker. On the headband we’ll see the word “Wireless” as a category of the product. This version is designed with less industrial look, the screws are hardly seen. In short, the new Studio Wireless has a less chunky and cleaner vibe compared to their ‘ancestor’.

The Studio Wireless have no labels from the on-board controls, but this mean the track-advance and release buttons are not there anymore. This is why now you have a new feature, double/triple press the B button for track-advance and single press for play/pause.

Inside the box we’ll find two headphones cables – one microphone’s controller and one not. The two have 90-degree 3.5mm jacks, one USB charging cable, one requisite carabineer, one USB adapter, one microfiber cleaning cloth and some other products literature.

The new Studio Wireless have soft leather cushion earpads, which we never get enough of. The undersized case is still there, making hard for us to keep our stuff in place without cracking anything.


The Studio Wireless has a 12-hour battery life, plus 2 hours compared to the Studio, even up to 20 hours if they are wired up.

The headphones still get the same “dual-mode noise-cancelling circuit”: one for shutting down any rackets we possible hear, others for listening. You must have heard this, the “Beats Acoustic Engine” are actually using digital signal processing (DSP in short) to make sure the headphones will produce a specific sound signature. We doubt if the acoustic engine and noise-cancelling processes are in cahoots.

Many people often forget to turn off the noise-cancelling mode and Bluetooth headphones, so Dr Dre has decided to add an auto power on/off feature, which is brilliant here since it surely helps us a lot. However, it is important to know that the auto power feature is only available if you plug the cable in or out. If you don’t turn them off and pack them in your bag with the plug-still-in, they will remain on till running out of battery.

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Guitar Lessons For Beginners Come In All Forms

So you have decided to learn the guitar. It is by far one of the most desirable instruments people want to learn and can become a true hobby for anyone with the right mindset and motivation to stick with it. If you are going to properly learn to play the guitar then lessons are imperative. The good news is guitar lessons for beginners come in all forms.

One of the first things some may think about is the cost of taking lessons; especially with the economy putting more people on a budget these days. There are options for you to get around this as the internet has opened the doors to a wide array of free lessons and tutorials you can use to teach yourself. Continue reading

The story of me learning guitar (Part 5)

Learning to play the theory and notes first

The reason why my teacher said that the girl who knew how to play the guitar that should forget all the things she knew and started right from the beginning with us – the ones who did not know how to play is that her skills were not right. Then my teacher asked her where did she learn to play the guitar.

She said that her brother taught her, she had just learnt for 2 months. My teacher said that her skills and technique is not really wrong but the way she learn it may affect her process and how she could improve the skills in the following time. I did not understand much, but later when I was be able to play, I heard that she was starting to learn from the songs first, and my teacher said she was not encouraged to learn the songs first. Continue reading

The story of me learning guitar (Part 4)

My teacher playing the guitar is an inspiring picture

I have gone through a lot of difficulties to be able to go to the guitar class, that was what I mean, I am not talking about the difficulties other people have. For me at the moment, it maybe very small, and it is not wroth talking about.

But to the 10-year-old me at that time, I felt like a relief when my father and my uncle had come to an agreement. So I went to my teacher’s house anyway. He is very young, and talented, that I was talking about in the previous post. So my teacher is a talented guitarist. Ad my father and my uncle trusted in him to teach me to play guitar well. I am very happy to be his student. Continue reading

The story of me learning guitar (Part 3)

I want to have a guitar like the one my uncle had

This time I will talk more about the guitar my father has bought for me when he agreed that I should learn guitar. At first I do not like it, I want a more beautiful guitar, I want to be whatever my uncle is. So I go to solguitar.com.

Therefore, I want to have a guitar like his. So it is very sad for me that I have a guitar that unlike my desire. So I told my father about that, and he scolded for me being so selfish. He said that this is the suitable for me at the time because I can not play an expensive guitar until I am good at playing it. I will have a better guitar when I improved my skills. Continue reading

The story of my learning guitar (Part 2)

The discussion between my father and my uncle upon who would be my teacher

So this is the story continued from the previous post. I was saying about my uncle when he thought that I could play the guitar, he told my father, and my father thought that it was okay for me to learn the guitar, because I was still a young boy at that time.

If I really want to do something, maybe it was suitable for me, and maybe it was nothing wrong with the guitar. So my father came to the agreement with my father about me playing the guitar.

They have discussed with each other, how should I learn, how should I be learning, or who would be my teacher. My uncle said he could be my teacher anyway, he was a professional player, he can show my how to play, it would be very easy and enthusiastic, and because he is my uncle, I could be more familiar with me and I could be better for me to play it. Continue reading

The story of me who like to play the guitar

Everyone has his or her own hobby, for me it is playing the guitar

It is common question to ask what do you like, what do you love to do something in your free time and why do you like it, why do you first start it in the beginning? I hope this is the right question for everyone and me.

We all have something we would like to do, you like playing soccer, he likes playing basketball, she likes swimming, they like painting, and for me, I like playing guitar. Continue reading